Tips on Getting your Insurance

As we are all aware, there is no such thing as Insurance for young or newly qualified drivers, unless you have access to the bank of mum and dad. In most cases people just pass their test and park the driving license in their back pocket.

However if you are fortunate enough to be able to afford Insurance on your first car then the check list below could help:

Avoid high performance cars and modifying your car. This will only add additional load on your premiums.

The postcode you live will be a key factor on the amount of premium you pay for your Insurance. If your postcode is within a ‘high car crime’ area you will most often pay more.  You may, in this instance, consider extra security devices for your car or consider vehicles with better security options.

Car insurance policy documents can be full of jargon and confusing words. Make sure you read your policy for any restrictions imposed by the Insurance Company and make sure you are covered for the use you intend. See examples below:

Social Domestic pleasure: This type of Insurance cover can be used by named drivers on the policy, but is restricted to non business purposes. Beware, if you use the car in relation with your work – you may invalidate your cover.

Commuting: This type of cover will normally provide use for social, domestic and pleasure, and also will cover to driving to and back from your permanent place of work.  But as with most policies, it is advisable to check the policy wording for the type of cover you have.

It may be a good idea to Google “cars in low insurance brackets” you will then be able to see

the whole list of cars available in lower Insurance rating.



What is Pass Plus?

A Pass Plus course can be taking only after passing your test.  A Pass plus Course will help you to develop good driving habits and skills in road safety awareness.

The Pass Plus Scheme is a joint partnership scheme between the government and Insurance companies. Taking the course could, in some cases, offer a reduction on your premium if you can show you have successfully completed the course.

Taking a Pass Plus Course does not always mean you will get huge discounts on your Insurance premiums, but instead will  be regarded  as an advanced driving course  on a variety of types of roads,  which could have taking longer to gain experience  on  if you had not taken the Course.

In addition some council are offering contributions towards the Pass Plus Scheme too.

More information about Pass Plus and councils participating in the scheme can be found by clicking the links below.